Number 16: June 2021
Greetings from LCCL Secretariat,
“Behold, I make all things new.”(Rev 21: 5)
LCCL would like to thank each and every one who organised and participated in the AGM 2021 from 6-9 March 2021
via Zoom. Members received inputs from Fr Michael Lapsley, the Vatican Dicastery for Consecrated Life, SACBC Tax
Desk and the office for Counter Human Trafficking in Persons, St Joseph’s Theological Institute, Catholic Conferences
such as the Conference of Major Superiors of Africa and Madagascar (COMSAM), the Conference of Mozambique, and
the South African Council of Priests (SACOP). Various reports from the Executive Members were delivered. New
members of the Executive Committee were elected: Sr Mary McAteer MSA, Sr Juliet Khosoane RGS, Sr Boitumelo
Matlhabe SC, Fr Neil Frank OMI and Fr Siphelele Gwanisheni OFM. The outgoing members of the Executive Committee
were thanked for their dedicated service and commitment. The AGM was skilfully facilitated by Br Michael Burke CFC.
From the feedback and evaluation, the three-day AGM was a resounding success, for which we thank God and all those
who organised it.

The LCCL EXECUTIVE had a MEETING on 13-14 MAY 2021 by ZOOM
Here below are the outcomes of the deliberations.

  1. Executive Portfolios
    Portfolios were allocated as indicated below:
    Secretary General: Sr Thao Phi FMM
  2. CATHCA: Fr Bheki Shabalala CMM
  3. Catholic Board of Education [CBE]: Fr Neil Frank OMI
  4. Council for Evangelisation: Sr Nkhensani Shibambu CSA, Fr Jude Burgers MCCJ, Sr Thao
  5. Counter Human Trafficking: Sr Juliet Khasoane RGS
  6. Finance Committee: Sr Nkhensani, Sr Maureen Yenson OP King, Sr Thao
  7. Formation Initial: Fr Siphelele Gwanisheni OFM
  8. Formation Ongoing: Sr Cecilia Anawanti EHJ
  9. Gender Issues: Fr Myke Mwale OP
  10. National Joint Witness: Sr Nkhensani, Fr Bheki, Sr Thao
  11. Justice and Peace and Integrity of Creation: Fr Jude
  12. Professional Conduct and Child Safeguarding: Sr May McAteer MSA, Sr Nkhensani Shibambu
  13. Website & Communication: Fr Myke, Sr Thao, Fr Siphelele
  14. Youth: Sr Boitumelo Matlhabe SC
    ● HEALING WORKSHOP FOR LEADERS: from the suggestions after the AGM, it came out that members
    are interested in a WORKSHOP ON HEALING OF MEMORIES with Fr Michael Lapsely. We would like
    to invite those members who are interested in participating in this workshop to please kindly email
    to or WhatsApp to 0637972301 before 25th June 2021. This will ensure that
    LCCL office will have enough time to plan for this workshop. Thank you in advance!
    ● RETREAT FOR LEADERS: another issue that was mentioned in the suggestions is the retreat for
    leaders. If you are interested in this retreat, please kindly email to or WhatsApp
    to 0637972301 before 25th June 2021.
    ● A COURSE ON SELF-CARE: this was another suggestion that was raised. We are currently
    engaging with Fr Hugh Lagan to give this course. More information will be communicated with you
    in due course on this item.
    ● PEER GROUPS: the evaluation also mentioned a need for peer group support for leaders. To start
    off with, this will be in Dundee, Durban, Botswana and Gauteng. Sr Cecilia, Fr Bheki, Sr Boitumelo
    and Sr Mary will contact members of the identified areas to form regional support groups for leaders
    within the conference.
  16. COVID 19 Stats
    You are kindly requested to submit all the information on Covid 19 infections, deaths and or
    recoveries to LCCL office on a monthly basis. We will keep praying for each other’s safety.
    When are you vaccinating to do your bit to keep SA safe? The country is now on phase 2 of the vaccination
    rollout. To address vaccination hesitancy as a result of the different theories that are out there, we decided
    to do our bit to encourage people to vaccinate. We invite you to talk about the efficacy of the Covid-19
    vaccine in your different platforms to get as many people vaccinated as possible for the country to reach
    “herd” immunity.
    We have had very successful seasons one and two of the “Called to Serve” programme on Radio
    Veritas. Season three is about to kick off. However, very few congregations have signed up for season
    three. This means the lifespan of the show is short lived unless if more congregations sign up for the
    show. If your congregation would like to participate on the show, kindly contact or
    WhatsApp to 0637972301 before 17th June to register for the next seasons.
  19. LCCL Website
    Please check LCCL website for new posts and if your congregation would like to post any items, please email
    the contents to LCCL office. You all reminded to kindly pay your subscriptions for 2020 and 2021
    Sr Thao Phi FMM (Secretary General)
    Leadership Conference of Consecrated Life South Africa: