LCCL Portfolios and Portfolio Holders 2019-2020

LCCL Portfolios and Portfolio Holders 2019-2020


Having taken into account the suggestions made at the 2019 AGM, the Executive, during their meeting 22-23 May 2019, decided on the following LCCL portfolios.  The Executive combined some, left aside others and added three new ones:

1.          CATHCA: Sr Maureen; Associate Body of SACBC: Board
2.         Catholic Board of Education [CBE]: Sr Stephany: Associate Body of SACBC: Board
3.         Council for Evangelisation: Fr David, Sr Maureen, Fr Jude; SACBC Structure
4.         Counter Trafficking: Sr Monica: Desk at SACBC: Board
5.         Finance Committee: Fr David, Sr Maureen HC; Sr Maureen OP King : LCCL only
6.         Formation Initial: Br Clement Sindazi: LCCL only
7.         Formation Ongoing LCCL: Sr Nkhensani and Fr Bheki:  LCCL only
8.         Gender Issues: Sr Thobile; Liaison with SACBC?
9.         Joint Witness:  Fr David, Sr Monica and Sr Maureen: SACBC and LCCL structure
10.     Justice and Peace and Integrity of Creation: Sr Marichu and Fr Jude: Liaison with SACBC?
11.     Professional Conduct & Child Safeguarding: Fr David and Fr Callistus: SACBC
12.     Website & LCCL Communication: Sr Maureen & Fr Cosmas Chidi SAC; LCCL only
13.     Youth: Fr Callistus; Liaison with SACBC?


Justice and Peace and the Integrity of Creation

Gender Issues


Child Safeguarding was  placed along with Professional Conduct. Fr David will continue to attend SACBC Professional Conduct meetings and Fr Callistus will build up an LCCL Child Safeguarding Portfolio.


Portfolio Holders will liaise with SACBC personnel who hold similar responsibilities.