The LCCL (SA) Executive offers you the following information and materials are posted for your perusal and use in ‘working towards a better understanding of cosmology and the integrity of creation.’ This was Recommendation C of our 2016 AGM.


Please see:

  • Introduction to Laudato Si: PowerPoint (Bernie Mullen)
  • Spirituality of Laudato Si: PowerPoint (Sr Judith Coyle)
  • A list of facilitators who are familiar with the document and who have done workshops on it.
  • Please Google ‘A Readers’ Guide to Laudato Si’ by Fr Thomas Reese’ to download the booklet. It was published by the National Catholic Reporter.

This workshop was facilitated by Sr Annie Lunney SMG on her visit to South Africa. The PowerPoint and notes may be of interest to you in your efforts to help your communities with regards to Recommendation D: ‘The spirituality of Aging’

Notes Annie Lunney Spirituality of Aging

This is inspiration at its finest, and can be some of the most uplifting emotional experiences. Inspiration comes during those moments when we see true human excellence. It’s an emotional experience that comes when we encounter extraordinary ability or competence in some activity, which motivates us to be better ourselves.


Painting – As a Deer that Longs (PDF)

This is a painting by Wilfried Joye OMI to inspire your contemplation of the psalm. The poem and meditation by Bernie Mullen is an interpretation of the painting and an invitation to you to reflection it and to pray with it.

Aramaic Translation of Beatitutes


A Psalm for Africa (PDF)

Inspired by Catherine Hunter’s painting of Africa. You are encouraged to contemplate the painting and find in it the great pathos and yet, potential for joy that defines the life of Mother Africa, our continent. How will she emerge from the cataclysm of this era?

Seasons is a quarterly publication produced by the sisters of Notre Dame in Cincinnati (PDF)

A quarterly publication produced by the sisters of Notre Dame in Cincinnati, USA. Sister MaryEllen is the editor and has kindly said we may share this issue as it is beautifully done. It is not just news but a reflective and inspiring piece. May thanks to The Sisters of Notre Dame.